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We're not yet at ELEVEN! - March 29, 2015

What is Indiegogo? - March 23, 2015

Welcome to our Indiegogo supporters and curious friends!

If you've clicked over here from our Indiegogo crowdfunding page, we invite you to take a look around our site. It's simple but gives you an idea of who we are and where we've been. You get to help determine where we're going!

In the years since we made our first Raventones album, odd birds a lot of things have changed in the music world; social networking, crowdfunding and digital distribution, to name a few!

These innovations have made it possible for small independent musicians to connect with audiences all over the world in a way that was previously not possible. No longer does a band need to be signed to a label or tour relentlessly to be discovered by potential fans.  

However, high-quality professional recordings are still the key to achieving airplay on both conventional and digital streaming stations.

The Raventones rarely perform live. Instead they rely on radio, social media and digital streaming services to reach new listeners. To record a truly professional "radio-ready" album is our goal for 2015. You can be a part of the success of this project by lending your financial support.

Click on the Listen tab at the top of this page to visit The Raventones at other popular music sites and hear some music. Or click right here to go back to our Indiegogo site to browse the fabulous perks or just to read the plan again. Thanks for being here!

We're LIVE! - March 16, 2015

The Raventones are inviting YOU to show support and claim some of the excellently odd perks in our crowdfunding campaign make our new album: MUCH MORE BLACK - An Outsider’s Journey to Inner Peace”.

 Read our story, watch the fun video, claim a “perk”, and leave a comment! It’s SAFE, easy and quick, and you will be making a HUGE difference to the visibility of this campaign by contributing NOW. Early activity of this small group is critical at the opening of this venture. 

Friends of the band who are willing to be “first on the dance floor” lead the way for folks who don’t yet know us and who may need safety in numbers before they contribute. When we launch this campaign to the general public the morning of Monday, March 23rd, it will have far more credibility with potential contributors if there are already funds on the graph. People are most likely to get on board with projects that demonstrate support already within their own communities.

With that in mind, The Raventones are strongly asking for your early participation. It takes a village to bring a project this big to completion. Many people have already contributed time and energy to this album. After you contribute, please help us create a buzz! Share this campaign on social media with YOUR friends who may have an interest in our music and message. Post on your timeline or tweet that you contributed, and share, share, share the link. Move us forward toward our goal of recording MUCH MORE BLACK!
Thank you,

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