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logistics, bits & bobs - February 22, 2015

Just realized that if i were to change every string on every instrument in the studio, I'd be winding wire for a whole day - 84 strings!  Not going to do that - about half maybe! AND Randy has to change drumheads...! The pre-sketching for the album is going well and we're going to wrap up the funding video this week, hopefully we will be launching soon. I have had way too much fun thinking of realistic but creative perks to offer; everything from used picks to Randy's hair... stay tooned for that one! 

Bandcamp! - January 7, 2015

You wanted lyrics online, you got 'em! All three of TR Kelley & The Raventones officially-released albums can now be found on Bandcamp. Go find out what she said.

Also, click on the Listen tab at the top of this page for more Soundcloud, Reverbnation and other places to hear and buy our music.  

Happy New Year - January 5, 2015

According to the calendar anyhow! We're busy with recording sketches and graphics between power outages and rainstorms.  You can follow us on Facebook if you're so inclined; more updates and pics of the process.

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