Well that was fun!

Well folks, that’s it. We’re done haranguing you on social media and email about our crowdfunding campaign. We’ve got an extension to May 14th to accommodate a few folks who needed a little more time, but you won't hear anymore about it here.
Heartfelt hugs and thanks to everyone who has contributed, your support means more than you can know, and not just financially. We can now proceed with the project knowing what our budget is, and it's smaller than we hoped for, but still, we will forge on! Together with our savings, your contributions are going to make one damn good record. We’ll keep you posted on how it is going, and this fall we’ll be sending them out with your perks!
There’s still time to pre-order the record and pick up some cool gifts, but if you have been meaning to contribute and just haven’t got around to it, please get up and do it now. igg.me/at/theraventones

Bright blessings!

TR & Randy

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