Studio work! Graphic design!

Winter greetings! Work continues here on getting the indieGoGo campaign ready to launch. Also things like rebuilding the studio door for better soundproofness, vacuuming the ENTIRE studio and finishing lyrics and fiddly bits on our sketch versions. Should we stay on the B-flat there or modulate? Meow meow meow....Looks like we will be recording up at Don Ross Productions in early February. Meanwhile TR has resurrected the old 1990-something Macintosh G3 Powerbook that has the graphics programs (Quark 3.3!) for doing layout and design of the CD booklet and tray card. Yes we'll be printing all the lyrics. Seems our fans want a CD to hold, and they want to read along with what's happening. Digital downloads are fine and all, but nothing like a real CD to turn to when you accidentally erase your music folder.....  as always, stay tooned!

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