New Year News

The turn of the seasons! We're past the winter solstice, Christmas, New Year's Eve and all the lovely disruptions of December. We're looking forward to another great year of being the rhythm section of Steel Wool. Check that link for our schedule.

Back to work on the album, "MUCH MORE BLACK". Like building a house there are so many layers and details that the average homeowner knows little or nothing about. When people ask us how is the album going, all we can do is smile and  say it's going really well. But it is a big project and it's taking some time, because it's just us creating, recording, engineering and editing and comping and punching and drinking...... huge thanks to Tifani Lauzon for taking care of all the mundane stuff like food, water, meds, fires, kitties..... EVERYTHING that's not the album! We'll be going back to Don's soon for lead vocals, but there is a lot to do----

---- yes, they DID used to just throw up a mike and play the song.  "They" sure did.  We've done that too. TR loves to sketch on bar napkins, and even occasionally breaks out the colored chalks and pencils and does some picture of a fish or something that's just lovely but takes hours.... and one time she even thought about taking up oil painting and decided to make an album instead.  Be patient, our friends and fans. It is cooking. It smells great.

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