Almost to 20%! Get on Board!

OK people, mini-goal time in our Indiegogo campaign! We only need $168 to break $3000! And more importantly, we need $726 to get us to the magical 20% funded plateau where we will start being featured and promoted to the general public more aggressively by IGG themselves. 

Because when our own friends, family and fans support us, they figure there must be something going on that deserves wider attention.

Please stand by - further extreme measures are being concocted in our Music Video Silliness Department to get you to pre-order the album and contribute to our crowdfunding campaign - crowdfunding needs a CROWD!

We have a pretty good community right now, We have teachers and students, radio hosts, baristas, editors, dental hygenists, soldiers, sailors and airmen, programmers, government workers and private business owners, designers, musicians, actors, artists and farmers ... what a great community!!! Is there a doctor in the crowd? Why yes, now there is! AND some nurses! Got a Doctor on board this morning, fresh from delivering a baby! No Law Enforcement or Railroaders yet  ..... The phones are too quiet here at the telethon. Good thing too, we were working on music in the studio all afternoon, not hovering over keyboards waiting for someone to buy Randy's hair. The song "Bully" is getting whipped into shape. Pun intended. All kinds of rock-opera hugeness and drama.... backwards violin......

You know you want your name on the board of contributors!  Do it!


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