Gosh people, so sorry we have not been keeping you in the loop! The recording process is coming along well. We're at it every day except days we have festival gigs with STEEL WOOL (we are the rhythm section of that band.) We've never attempted such an epic project before. Our first album "odd birds" was recorded at home before we really knew what we were doing. The second two CDs we issued were also home-builts designed for local audiences, and only 100 copies to boot. But now!!!!! Being freed of the need to be able to perform a song "live" opens up the possibilities of orchestration and production. Having up-to-date recording capabilities to match really helps. Yet we still joke about "Occam's Music" which would be 'the version requiring the fewest notes necessary is most likely to be correct.' Simplify simplify. But simplifying a complex arrangement to where it still retains it's complexity without clutter is tricky - TR's constant challenge. Play all the notes, then take away the ones that aren't needed. Making an album isn't just getting the microphone in front of the guitar at the sweetest spot. Font choices! snare hits, string squeak! more tea! So please stay tuned as we continue to carve away at it! Our finish date may be later than we originally intended (September) and we do ask your patience. It is getting done, and we are very excited about it!

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