Our new Video! 


Journey Over The Dunes - "As the River runs to the Sea, so must the Traveller seek the Source."

From The Raventones 2016 Album "Much More Black"

TR Kelley - Music and Story Creation, Bass Guitar Manipulation, "The Teacher"

Joey Darke - Model, Stylist, "The Traveler"

Randy Hamme - Producer, Director, Film Editor

Zane Kelley / Woodrow Aerial - UAV Pilot, Videographer, Technical Consulting

Nick DeAngelo - Post Production Video Consultant Recorded at TraXide…

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To BOLDLY go! 

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek - a sneak preview from the album MUCH MORE BLACK, which will be released next week!  https://soundcloud.com/theraventones/starstruck-enterprise

It's being manufactured... 

...and printed and wrapped and bar coded and all kinds of stuff!  Progress is being made!

It always takes longer than you think...... 

OK, getting ready for what will probably be our LAST trip up to Don's for this project, finishing mixes. Then he runs the whole 51 minutes through the Masterizer or the Transmogrifier or the X-13 Blivitator with extra breem..... and out the other side pops some files i can send to the CD duplication place, along with the graphics files, then in a few weeks boxes of CDs come back and i start mailing out all the premiums and discs to our faithful IndieGoGo crowdfunders, and to libraries, and public radio…

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Almost there! 

Hi folks! Great news, we are in the final mixing phase of the album! Graphics are done and we hoper to have actual copies of CDs in about a month and will begin mailing out premiums at that time! So exciting! Then we'll get to burn the board and drink whiskey and ask you to write reviews! Thank you all so much for sticking with us through this project. It got very large, and being artists, we had to let it. We hope you get as much out of it as we have. :) As always, STAY TOONED!!!!!

luv & quork

TR & Randy…

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New Year News 

The turn of the seasons! We're past the winter solstice, Christmas, New Year's Eve and all the lovely disruptions of December. We're looking forward to another great year of being the rhythm section of Steel Wool. Check that link for our schedule.

Back to work on the album, "MUCH MORE BLACK". Like building a house there are so many layers and details that the average homeowner knows little or nothing about. When people ask us how is the album going, all we can do is smile and  say it's going really well…

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Merry Edgy Xmas..... 

MUCH MORE BLACK is going great! But.......As often happens during a recording project - another song appeared. Not exactly new - a remake of one of FLEDGLING's live recorded flights of a few years back. TR has always wanted to remake it. The bleaker side of Christmas. A short jazzy number about booze, Santa, a maimed veteran and  a lack of faith. And there's snow. It wanted to happen NOW. 


Go listen for free. Download, whatever. There's a…

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Live show video!!! 

Was a busy summer with shows and working on the farm, but now we're back in the studio fresh and with lots of new perspective on the tunes.

 For a bare-bones live version of some of the new material together with songs of the first album and other oddments, check this out! Thanks to Tim Mueller for shooting and making this video. Never before seen anywhere on line - a Raventones live show at Kindtree Family Autism Camp. Sixty-four minutes of music and stand-up comedy heavy on the improv. TR tells her…

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Gosh people, so sorry we have not been keeping you in the loop! The recording process is coming along well. We're at it every day except days we have festival gigs with STEEL WOOL (we are the rhythm section of that band.) We've never attempted such an epic project before. Our first album "odd birds" was recorded at home before we really knew what we were doing. The second two CDs we issued were also home-builts designed for local audiences, and only 100 copies to boot. But now!!!!! Being freed of the…

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Campaign has ended! 

Wow, what an experience! Thank you all 77 people who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign! You raised $4204 towards the production of MUCH MORE BLACK, our next album. While we didn't meet the goal we had set, that goal was a best-case scenario rather than a hard limit. After campaign fees are deducted, and together with our own savings, we have a good workable budget for the album. Today we are making plans for allocating funds. We're already upgraded some hardware and software and are working on some…

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