The Raventones are a low-rock "power duo" from rainy, rocky Swisshome, Oregon.  TR Kelley plays baritone, acoustic and bass guitars and bits of other things, Randy Hamme handles the drums, percussion and the occasional acoustic guitar.  TR's distinctive voice calls to mind the bluesy contralto of the late Phoebe Snow of “Poetry Man” fame. Her songs cover the perennial themes of love, death and life journeys from the perspective of a "cat in a dog world". 

The Raventones' sparse, thick, twangy low strings & drum sound grooves like a surf-jazz combo from the backwoods of outer space with whiffs of The Ventures, Ray Charles, The Police, Joni Mitchell, and Star Trek.

Before the launching of The Raventones, TR Kelley was known primarily as a bassist & vocalist in the mid 90's Oregon fem-folk powerhouse quartet Babes with Axes, and as a side-person to other artists in the Eugene area. Before that, TR was a bassist in touring cover bands playing hotels, fraternal lodges and taverns in the Pacific Northwest, absorbing a wide variety of music styles into what would become her own sound.

Drummer Randy Hamme (rhymes with "mom") relocated to Oregon in 1995 from Pennsylvania. Randy's musical background included a father in the band-instrument business, and the inevitable stints with school-induced piano & clarinet before he "came home" to drums. 

An avid listener and appreciator of quality productions and recording methods and equipment since his teens, Randy brings golden ears and sound engineering skills to The Raventones.


For a different side of the duo, check out Randy and TR'S "other band" - they play as the rhythm section for popular Eugene folk-rock band STEEL WOOL!